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I’m confused, are jet-puffed marshmallows kosher or not?

My mom made rice krispy treats using jet-puffed marshmallows, and they looked yummy but I know most marshmallows use gelatin (which can be non kosher) so I looked up if jet puff is kosher—the top result & an online rabbi said yes, so I ate some of the rice krispy. As I was eating I kept scrolling through the results, just to be extra sure, and I saw more sources saying no, that the gelatin it contains is made from pigs. I stopped eating it when I read that. I kept looking at the results, and while some sources were saying they are kosher, some said they’re not. None of these sources seem to be more reputable than the others. I love homemade rice krispies and wanna know if I can keep eating it. I’m so confused. And what do I do if it turns out it’s not kosher?

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