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I’m confused about 3rd commandment

Full discloser:

Im not reading the Torah but the Pentateuch. (I’m assuming this matters since its translated presumably by Catholics for Catholics. Specifically the GNT but I’m constantly referring to [currently only on numbers]). I grew up in the catholic tradition in NYC. Obviously over time I’ve made a few Jewish friends. One who became move devoutly over time and another who has always been. (Man walked two and a half hours to get home when he got stuck at work one Friday. He told me he couldn’t even hold onto the keys +respect)

I say all this because through them i learned that in your tradition saying gods name is considered bad? wrong?

presumably because of the 3rd commandment? is that correct?

and second where does it end. one of my friends has taken to only saying G[pause]D. But since I know that he’s talking about god and he knows too isn’t it the same sin?

Im sorry if I’m just another idiot coming in here asking stupid questions. I’d ask them but I don’t think it fair for me to constantly occupy their time on religious questions that they may feel compelled to answer. i figured at least you guys have a choice.

Thank you so much.

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