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I’m Christian. My wife is non-practicing Jewish. I want to teach my son about Judaism/Jewish culture. Any advice?

Hello. I have an interesting family dynamic. I am Episcopalian. My wife is Jewish but had never practiced nor does she want to. We have a three-year-old son.

I very much enjoy theology and meeting people and learning new things. I also had a lot of Jewish friends growing up in North Jersey.

I want my son to know about what it means to be Jewish, even though it is not my Jewish wife’s cup-of-tea. After all, he is Jewish. And I would love to know more as well since I find learning about other faiths really interesting.

Does anyone have any advice?

We live in Philly. I reached out to a local Jewish center but none of the programs are a good match — it is a day care offering, and he already goes to one we like.

Thanks and Happy Passover!

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