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I’m christian but i recently started looking into the talmud to see if it actually says horrible things. I’m shocked at the lies we’ve been told.

With the whole synagogue tunnels thing exploding all over X, i saw an uprise in people linking talmud verses and claim them to say disgusting things like supporting pedophilia and saying shitty things about non-jews.

I first started with the pedophilia verses, starting with “Gad Shas 2:2”. Guess what? Gad Shas apparently isn’t even a chapter. And sanhendrin 54b, doesn’t even say anything SIMILAR to what it was claimed to say, instead it talks about law for adults and children or somethin like that.

I scanned through the other verses and found the same results. Nothing of what people say it to be. It’s fucking ridiculous how many lies are being spread and how blindly people follow it.

I don’t even understand how lies like that can be spread so easily. Do people seriously not even try to fact check? I’m sorry for Jews, despite the fights we’ve had in the past you don’t deserve this. Watching lies unfold like that and be believed by everyone just pisses me off.

I always took the talmud to be satanic and repulsive because i blindly believed the lies about it. Until i checked it today and it turns out the book isn’t even that bad.


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