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Im attending my first bat mitzvah service tomorrow(NERVOUS)

So Im a woman that have jewish roots but it was lost for some generations because of conversion and I decided to go back to my jewish roots. So this is all new for me even if I been practising Judaism for more then 2 years and attending Friday services almost 1 year

Tomorrow is the first time I will attend a Saturday service with a bat mitzvah at the synagogue. My Rabbi dont tell me much and I had to learn alot on my own. What im really nervous about is the dresscode.

This Friday service i was wearing gray/black clothes. A skirt going to the knees for respect and shirts covering my arms also thighs covering my legs. Very basic gray and black in a very “conservative” way. Nobody did any remarks on the clothes so I guess it was ok for the Friday service, but I Wonder how it is with a bat mitzvah. Would it be okay to wear the same clothes (changing of course the underwear and shirt for hygiene reasons) or is it some kind of dresscode? I got no special information that they wanted people to wear something special.

And for the info, im in a Conservative synagogue in Scandinavia. It is pretty progressive with things and even have pride shabbat.

Is there anything else i should think about aswell?

And im sorry for any misspelling, im having shabbat trying to not be to much on my phone but I cant stop be nervous and dont know where else to ask

Shabbat shalom✡

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