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I’m an Albanian Latter-day Saint. I just want you to know that I’m praying for you.

Many of you might not know where Albania is and that’s okay. But my ancestors were some of the only people in Europe that took in Jews during the 2nd world war. Albania was one of the only countries if not the only country in Europe with more Jews after the war than before it. I say that because I used to hear those stories as a kid and while I was and am proud of my ancestors for risking their life for such a noble cause it seemed like such a distant thing but now it seems like it’s happening again. Of course, not in the same scale but it’s happening nonetheless. My heart breaks for all Jews that are being attacked and their lives interrupted by the blatant antisemitism. I can’t believe we as a society are even allowing this. I just want to say that even if they’re not the loudest, there are many people out there that support you and pray for you. I pray for you and your safety, and so that you know you’re not alone. More importantly God loves you and watches over you. He knows and understands. I hope you can find peace during these difficult times and I pray that all this madness ends soon!

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