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I’m afraid to wear my kippah in public

Following the recent events, I’ve started witnessing a wave of anti-Semitism in my personal life a lot more often. I’m known to be one of like 5 other Jews in my school, and I’ve received insults and threats before. The last time the hatred was this bad was back in 2018, when a group of people sorrounded me, and started verbally abusing me. Saying the most awful things imaginable, things that I prefer not to say here for obvious reasons. Yesterday, someone tore down the mezuzah and replaced it with a piece of paper saying “Free Palestine” and another one saying “**** Israel.” They act as if I have any control over the situation. Hours before, a “friend” of mine admitted that she would stab as many Jews as she could when she thought that I couldn’t hear her, I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything, as I was afraid. Now I’m ashamed of myself for being silent in the face of anti-Semitism. Now I’m just terrified. This is hell. Here in the US, I could be attacked for wearing a kippah, and if I go to Israel, I risk getting bombed. The only 2 countries I would want to live in are being attacked in different ways. One of them with hatred of people that can’t control a situation abroad, and another with literal bombs. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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