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I’m a Sephardic Jew, my DNA results turned out only 2% Jewish. Very confused

For some background, I’m kind of from all over the place. I’m Latin-American, Indigenous American, East/West Asian, and European. When people try to guess my ethnicity, the most common guesses are Filipino, Mexican, and Native American. On the other side of the aisle, my brother usually gets pinned as Italian, Jewish (presumably Ashkenazi), or otherwise some variation of white.

I should mention that halachically I’m not Jewish since my Sephardic side is my dad’s side (most of who live in Mexico), but I’m part of the Reform movement and actively practice, so I consider myself a Jew.

Recently I wanted to pinpoint more of my exact ethnic background and took a DNA test through A lot of it was stuff I already knew. The European in me comes from Spain, the Basque region, and Greece, which is in line with me being Sephardic. However, my results also said I was only 2% Jewish, which confused me. I’m wondering if when they say “Jewish” they mean “Ashkenazi”. I didn’t have any significant DNA from Germanic regions of Europe, so I assume I would have very little Ashkenazi in me (though still enough to give me Crohn’s disease /hj).

Does anyone know if the “Jewish” part of DNA tests only looks for Ashkenazi ancestry? Or maybe I’m just not as ethnically Jewish as I was led to believe? Any insight would be lovely 🙏

(Also wasn’t sure which flair to use, if there’s a better one please let me know!)

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