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I’m a secular Jew who is thinking about doing t’shuvah, what do I need to do?

I’m 24 and My life hasn’t quite gone as planned. Ever since October 7th, the world has felt more out of balance than before and I’ve been reading the Tanach for comfort. This has really brought me closer to my Judaism and I am considering doing t’shuvah.

I’ve been Brit Mila’d, as it were and I’ve been to Shul a handful of times through out my life. Never been Bar Mitzvah’d and never really kept Shabbat. The only t’fillah I know is the Shema. I speak fluent Hebrew so reading Torah isn’t an issue for me. My family tried going to a reform synagogue when i was younger but they never really taught us anything about Judaism and left me feeling less connected to my faith. I don’t live near a Jewish community (I’m almost positive I’m the only Jew in a 20-mile radius, so I don’t have anyone close by to ask about these kinds of things).

I’d appreciate any kind of help and resources I can use or at least a direction you could point me in.

שבוע טוב ומבורך

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