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Im a non-Jewish 26F and im dating a Jewish man (28M). How big of a deal is this inside the community?

I (26F) am dating a jewish (28M) man. Im not religious at all and although things are great, I wonder how big of a deal it really is for someone in the Jewish diaspora to date someone that is not Jewish and also doesn’t follow any religion.

I have feelings for him, but Im an immigrant who doesn’t know how my visa status will be in the country we are in some months, so we knew since the beginning that some limitations were involved. Im also not looking for anything serious cause I just broke up a seven years long relationship.

Still, he is the first person I really like in a very long time. Im afraid he diesnt see me as someone he could possibly like, and is only using me for physical attraction, especially because Im not Jewish nor follow any religion and Im from Brazil. I have the feeling that women from Brazil are somehow perceived in a less “serious” way by men here (we both live in Canada).

Should I just assume he would never take me seriously? Should I move on to someone more “compatible”? How Jewish men in general perceive women outside of the community?

I like him, and Im not particularly looking for anything serious, but Im also not comfortable with the idea of dating multiple people at once, so I wanted to clarify some concepts before deciding to either move on to my next option or keep seeing him.

For info: he is not ortodox, quite liberal actually, but I feel that rhe fact that Im not Jewish might be a problem in the future (if “future” is even in the picture). He is the first person I have feelings for in a while, and I wanted to see realistically what are the odds here.

Thank you!

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