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I’m a non-Jew who needs Jewish texts for foster children

Hi friends! I’m hoping none of this causes any offense, as everything here is being attempted in good faith and with as much respect as can be garnered. So my household is gearing up for our foster certification in our state. We’re not far off from completing it, and amongst all the other things we’re doing to prep we’re gathering religious texts.

This is because our area is very diverse, as are the children in foster care who may get placed with us down the line. Since we’ll be accepting such a wide age range (including up to 18 year olds), I recognize we may care for children and teenagers who have a faith they practice that is different than ours (we’re all different flavors of pagan), and they may want to continue their practice while they’re with us. This is especially important because you never know how long a placement will be. We could have the same child for months or years and the inability to practice their faith could not only make this harder for them, but set them dreadfully behind in their studies, making transitions back to their family more difficult.

We have a huge Sephardic orthodox community around us, and I want to ensure we have all the texts a child or teenager could need for their studies and practice for any duration they’re with us. While Jewish placements are quite rare in our area (as the community is both largely wealthy and so tightly knit that removals and out-of-community placements are rare), I figured it hurts no one to have resources, right?

The problem is I’m not Jewish and I can’t read a lick of Hebrew to save my life. I’m an ex-Christian and I can speak, read, and write Aramaic, but that has only gotten me so far in my endeavors unfortunately. So, without further obnoxious rambling, is anyone willing to help outline what texts would be necessary to have? I know the names of some like the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and the Torah, but many of the texts are multi-book series and I wouldn’t be able to tell if I have the “full set” or what other texts are needed.

Edit: crossed out the term OT to both acknowledge that I messed up saying that and to show I’m not hiding the mistakes I made. I’m so sorry if this caused offense! I was using the term because that is what I, a former Christian, recognize the books as and to show the limitation of my knowledge on the subject. I now know better.

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