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I’m a Korean American and my father is so oddly soured at the thought of Jewish people or even talking about them and anything related to the Old Testament. I don’t understand such an irrational dislike. Is this antisemitism? Apologies for it being ranty.

I should add context. I’m a history buff. So when it comes to a lot of history it’s really hard not to talk about the Jewish people at some points. We were watching this one video about the Old Testament and I thought it would be cool since this video from the Bible project puts it nicely. I figured he could see it from the perspective of people and human history as well as it being Jewish history.

However right when we got to the part discussing Abrahams family it’s like he could only fixate on the Jewishness of it rather than what it’s actually about. This genuinely pisses me off cause it reminds me of a lot of discrimination and how simple attitudes like this give way to it.

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