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I’m a goy who did something stupid in a Jewish household, what are the consequences?

I am an Eastern European woman, not Jew. I was renting an apartment from a family. I didn’t know they were Jewish. Until one evening…

I was having electricity issues at 19 in the evening. My landlord offered to host me in his family’s apartment for the night, til we could be able to get help the next day.

We drive through a mall where I got a beef and cheese burrito takeaway, so I’d have something I like to eat for the night.

We arrived. I ate the burrito in their kitchen. A seemingly normal apartment like anyone’s, in a normal soviet block.

Then I notice they have 2 ovens and two fridges. Weird, but oh well.

Chatting with the family. They’re so kind. Well, except, the woman was looking a bit scandalised while I was eating the burrito.

Then I go to the living room, I see a menorah. And they show pics of their grown up kids. They went to Hebrew school.

I didn’t yet know much about Judaism. (I have Russian Muslim background) Only later on I started to read about it and learnt what kosher means.

This was a while ago but it still bugs me. How bad of an event was this? And what did they need to do to get rid of the contamination in the kitchen? Perhaps some spiritual procedure?

They were Russian Ashkenazi Jews if that changes anything.


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