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I’m a former Muslim who married a Jewish man. How it changed my life.

I was born and raised Muslim and was quite devout until getting with my now husband, who’s Jewish. For several years, I led a very strong movement online and got into some very heated conversations with the opposing side, which I now fully align with after lots of talks with my husband and educating myself more on the situation at hand.

I turned 26 last month. My husband is a year older. We’ve been married for nearly six years and have six beautiful daughters together and another on the way. My parents, surprisingly, have handled me becoming Jewish and the change that comes with that surprisingly well. The only thing they have been somewhat pushy about was trying to integrate Islam into our children’s lives, which was a big no for my husband and I. They have guilted me for it but I have remained firm and feel I am doing the right thing.

Many of my former “friends”, who were part of the movement I oversaw, have called me some of the worst names you can imagine, but I’ve learned to handle these situations with grace and humility. I was once just like them and held all that anger which I can happily say no longer exists since turning to Judaism.

I will end by saying that I owe every single one of you an apology for the radical beliefs I formerly had and the ways I talked about Zionism and Jews in general. I was certainly part of the problem when it comes to the division and hate and I’ll be the first to admit I published many disgusting and borderline antisemitic things publicly. While those things may be long deleted, I can never truly take back the things said and written and that’s what hurts the most. I don’t feel worthy to be apart of the Jewish community but I’ve been welcomed with arms wide open and words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation.

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