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I’m a born and raised Californian, and my only exposure to Jews/Judaism has been indirectly– through either entertainment or academia. I’m wondering if anyone here relates to this / can help further explain this situation…

Hi all,

I’ve always found it somewhat peculiar that I have never directly interacted with anyone who has identified as Jewish. I’m certain that I have seen / encountered Jewish people, practicing or not, though I have never formally met someone who conventionally claims Jewish heritage.

I find it rather interesting that, despite encountering all sorts of media that either casually or heavily references Jews/Jewishness/Judaism, I have never really interacted with the community.

Granted, I haven’t gone out of my way to try and seek the culture, since I haven’t had any agendas that would particularly compel me to do so. Of course, I’ve never doubted the importance/prevalence of Jewish culture, as I myself am a practicing Christian who very frequently reads the Torah, studies Hebrew terms, and so on.

Nonetheless, it continually piques my curiosity how, for example, I never cease to find tons of Jewish-based jokes in content like Family Guy, South Park, SNL, Seth Rogen movies, etc.

Hell, it seems like there’s never a break from the controversies of outspoken antisemitism in the public sphere (a la Kanye, Mel Gibson, Black Israelite groups, etc.)

Why is this the case? Am I just somewhat of an anomaly? Why does it feel like the media all around me over-emphasizes Jewish-related topics when it seemingly is never applicable to me/my area?

Any insight is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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