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I’m 100% ashkenazi jewish. When I was growing up, we celebrated Hanukkah and then my parents were done being jewish for the year. I fully believe in the religion, but stupid things I did put me further away from the faith and I’m not sure how to get closer.

My biggest issue is I’m covered in tattoos and look like your average Florida criminal. My friends were all getting them when I was younger, as I have never been around the Jewish community. I plan on getting a bunch of them lasered off, but that takes years.

My other issue is I’m schizophrenic and people sometimes don’t know how to take me.

Combine the two and you have what seems like the scariest person on Earth to most people. I’m not welcome anywhere, and I don’t really think I’d be welcome at the average Synagogue. I’ve never even had a Barmitzvah.

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