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Ignorant take on the Holocaust in my university psychology class course materials

I’m pursuing a teaching degree at a university in the US, and one of the courses I need to take is about child psychology. Part of this course is on morality theory, and it includes a video that the school made about the topic. They tried to incorporate events surrounding the Holocaust into an example (why??), and it did not go well. The excerpt from the video transcript is below. In other classes I’m learning about trauma-informed teaching practices and culturally supportive pedagogy. Oh, the irony. I don’t think there was any ill intent, but when I reached out about it yesterday all I got back was “thanks, I’ll be sure to express your concerns to the appropriate team.”

  • So to really apply Kohlberg to a scenario where you would say something like “if we think of World War Two in Nazi Germany, 7:51
  • the Nazis were rounding up the Jewish people because of the religion they practiced.” 8:01
  • Now, if you were someone in conventional morality, especially that law and order orientation, 8:06
  • you would shake your shoulders and say, “Well, that’s the law and go about your day.” 8:12
  • If you’re someone who’s in post-conventional morality, especially that universal ethical principle orientation, you’re someone like “that is stupid.” 8:17
  • “Why are you rounding up people because of the religion they practice – that makes zero sense.” 8:25
  • And then you would be the type of person to have hidden the Jewish people in your basement or your attic like Anne Frank was hidden. 8:30
  • And try and get these people out of the country to safety where they can practice religious freedom.

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