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If my great-great-grandmother was Jewish, would that make me Jewish?

My Ukrainian grandmother was raised as a Christian, and even though I was baptized and went to church a few times when I was very little, I never practiced and neither did my mother and aunt (she only had 2 children, grandfather not religious), we have only ever celebrated the consumerist version of Christmas and Easter (dinner as a family followed by gifts, more of a “family reunion” than a religious celebration). Since my grandmother’s mother was orphaned after her parents died of the Great Famine when she was 14 years old and and then later raised my grandmother as a Christian since the Russian Orthodox Church was strictly enforced in Ukraine during the period her siblings and her were born (youngest born in 1954), and no underground synagogues could have been present in the small town they lived in (population of 3000 people). My grandmother’s parents also passed away when she was very young, so she knows nothing about her past, my grandmother’s siblings didn’t practice, but my grandmother chose to later in life. My aunt did some digging into our family lineage since my grandmother has no living relatives except us and she found out that my great grandmother had a Ukrainian Jewish maiden name. My grandmother was born with her father’s last name, we are not sure if she married a non-jew (my great grandfather) and never practiced, or if they did and simply kept it a secret since the Russian Orthodox Church was enforced upon Ukrainians their whole life. We wouldn’t know since they passed and my grandmother has no memory of them. Fast forward to a generation later, she had my mother and aunt, and similarly to me, they were baptized but never very religious (my grandmother was but didn’t enforce it), my mother had me a generation later. I know this is an extremely complicated case but am I technically Jewish?

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