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If Jews are so immeasurably disproportionately successful, what happens when we are 30 million?

We know we’ve been victims of insane conspiracy theories that we rule the world . It’s disgusting, and it’s been used to justify our destruction. It’s inarguable that that’s an antisemitic trope.

Now while we don’t rule the world, it’s irrefutable that our disproportionate amount of success leaves people prodigiously flummoxed.

30% of all Nobel peace prize winners are Jews, 25% of the richest billionaires are Jews, 4/10 of the richest people on earth are Jews, and all of this stems from .02% of the worlds population.

Antisemites, Rabbis, and our own nation can’t deny our success is arcane. It’s impossible. Our contributions to society are omnipresence. No one is sure what makes us so successful, but no one can deny how successful we are.

Now we are in a Maccabean epoch in Jewish history that is unprecedented. With the state of Israel being created, it is estimated in 2060 there will be 20 million Jews in the world. This is historic and our peak numbers were 17 million pre holocaust. We were 11 million in 1945, and now we’re at 15 million.

Out of these 15 million Jews have invented google, Facebook, Waze, and hundreds upon hundreds of other contributions to the world. And we should be proud of that and I AM proud of that.

But with .2% of the worlds population, mysteriously contributing so much success to the world that is inexplicable, what happens when our numbers keep rising? And they will. For the first time in 2,000 years we are almost indestructible.

What happens when we’re 30 million? Our disproportionate amount of success will be terrifying to others. If we have accomplished this much with such little numbers, what will happen when we have colossal numbers.

It’s exciting to think about our future success, but hatred of us is going to become catastrophic the more successful we become and with our numbers rising people are going to hate us more and more for it. For the Jewish question. How is such a small minority so disproportionally successful? And if they have this much power being only .2% of the worlds population what will happen when they’re 2%? The only thing that has stopped us before from our full potential is our minuscule numbers, now that that’s over, I fear our irrevocable success that will happen just as it always has will bring upon hatred of us again in cataclysmic numbers. In America it’s already starting with the Jewish question, and as we keep growing the more it’ll be asked.

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