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If God has no divisible parts, where do divisible parts come from?

Maimonides says God has no corporeality. This is an axiom in Judaism. He is indivisible. But if that’s the case, how can He ground divisibility? If God is to be found everywhere and in everything, that implies He may also be found in corporeal bodies and divided things. How can this be if he himself is not divisible? How can divisibility exist in a world created by an indivisible being? Do we take the nondual route and say that all dichotomies are actually illusory and everything is one, thus doing away with divisibility? But then how could we conceive of the illusion of divisibility if it didn’t correspond to something in reality? Did we fabricate in our minds something that doesn’t even exist in God? Or do we maybe say that God is a unity of pluralities – that the term “elokim” is plural in conjugation but refers to a singular entity because God is actually many in one? But who would the many be here that are in God? The angels perhaps?

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