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If a time traveler were to bring an Amalekite to the modern day, what would Jewish people today have to do about it?

I’ve been morbidly fascinated by the part of the Torah that commands Jews to destroy Amalek and have gone down a rabbit hole reading a lot about these commandments and later interpretations. I understand the overall consensus is that essentially, there’s no remaining “Amalek” today: No one identifies with Amalekite culture or engages in meaningfully Amalekite practices, so those commandments are pretty much vestigial.

This does bring me to a really stupid hypothetical, however: let’s say a time traveler were to go back to the times of the book of Exodus, grab an Amalekite fellow or two, and bring them back to the modern day. Would modern Jewish people have an obligation to “blot them out”? What would that entail? Would it have to be killing them, or would the commandment be satisfied by generally integrating the Amalekite into modern society?

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