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I’d like to ask for info on some antisemitic stuff because I’m concerned about where my dad is heading and would like to snap him out of it if possible

So, I’m sorry for bringing this here but I’m not sure how to look for it. I tried some keywords on google but with no real luck.

I have concerns about my dad. He’s catholic.

He (like many in his church) was for a long time passively antisemitic. Not the conspiracy stuff, just the “hurr durr supersessionism, hurr durr they rejected god and what happened to them was all consequences 🤢”.

We’ll now he’s listening to various people (who supposedly have or had divine revelations) and getting all worked up about “the end times” and things are taking a weird turn.

He started talking about jews secretly controlling all goverments and banks and being behind all evil events in the world.

Went from “covid should be taken seriously take your shots” to “it’s an evil ploy by the elite -which he personally seems to believe are freemasons but i doubt he was told it’s them specifically as he always believed that, it’s more likely that he just put his personal boogey man into what they told him- to reduce population and the vaccines are satanic”.

Then stuff gets even weirder. Talking about how “jews” are feed up with waiting for the messiah and they decided to create their own one who is actually going to be “the antichrist”. (I’d say it’s projection from christians that are helping israel purely because it’s a precondition for their end times where all of us “not their specific form of christianity” will die, but then again my father thinks very lowly of those forms of christianity)

Then there’s been talk about some sort of “satanic synagogue” taking roots in europe but connected with israel.

I’m worried about where he’s headed. Some of the stuff he’s been saying just seems run of the mill fascist talking points. Some are stuff I never heard about.

Look, I’m a member of a minority group that is currently under strong attack and consequentially I’m kinda informed on the various things people who have a problem with my existence say and which groups/personality promotes which things.

So I’m hoping that as people who are targeted by this antisemitic stuff someone might recognize it and narrow it down.

I really wouldn’t want him to go down such a path but with how vague most of the stuff he tells me is I don’t have many leads to try and understand what it is and how to try to counter it.

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