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I would like to share a little bit about my experiences converting to Judaism.

I’ve been working on my conversion to Judaism for about three years now. I’m very close to being able to dip in the mikveh but the virus has delayed my Hebrew studies. Anyway what this is really about is to share how the Jewish community I joined as reacted to me joining them.

When I was first learning about conversion I was warned about how across different countries and movements my conversion would be viewed very differently by people. At the worst I learned that even within my own Reform Judaism there may be people don’t recognize my conversion or who will look down on me because of it.

Now I can’t speak for everyone’s experience but in my community and the congregation I joined I’m so proud to report that I’ve never once witnessed an example of that. For example a conversion to Judaism in my city is considered valid by all four synagogues in my city regardless of what movement they’re apart of. This is because the Jewish federation in my city offers introduction to Judaism courses which are taught by all four synagogues.

Also my congregation has been so welcoming with open arms! For instance, my very first Passover the kindest woman invited me dine with her and her family. Another temple member gifted me a book which she found helpful to her. This is not to mention how I’ve been treated by the rabbis. For instance our senior rabbi has agreed to sponsor my conversion for free and has even given me private Hebrew lessons.

Thank you so much to all those in the community who support me!

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