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I went to my first reform temple service tonight and suddenly my very Xtian mom wants to join me. Help!

(I posted yesterday about how I was nervous to go. I went and it was awesome!) I’m not religious at all right now but very interested in Judaism but I was raised by Xtian fanatics pretty much. My mom is pretty much obsessed with it. But she also has this weird fascination/jealousy about Jews because they are “Gods chosen people” so when she found out I was going today she immediately said she wants to come with me next time.

First of all, I don’t think it would make ANY sense for her to come, it seems kinda embarrassing tbh. Am I wrong to think this? She asked me how it went and I told her a bit about it. I mentioned how the rabbi told me j*sus has no place in Judaism and she got upset and said “then I have no place being there.” I still want to visit though” makes no sense. I feel like she’s delusional. I’m not trying to sound mean. She mentioned going to a messianic temple and she thinks that would make her Jewish.

Idk how to avert her desires to come with me in a nice way. It would honestly be really embarrassing if she tried to come. I know she would try to bring her religion into it. Help!

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