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I went to a Christian University and now I’ve decided to convert to Judaism. I need some help.

Hi guys, sorry for the title.

I read your wiki and found it really informative and helpful. I was wondering if any converts could commiserate or provide some wisdom. Quick backstory on my choice, I grew up Christian my entire life and I am graduating from a Christian university this spring (lol) basically my time there has weakened my faith in Christians and Jesus but strengthened it with God. I recently told my mom and boyfriend who are both Christian. My mom basically said as long as you aren’t atheist I don’t care, my boyfriend said he pretty much knew this was going to happen. I just feel like I am in a weird place. I theologically align more with Judaism and frankly, am exhausted with the contradictions and straight-up B.S. that Christianity has provided me. I do not believe Jesus was divine and the trinity never made sense to me anyway.

I have read several conversion stories, even on this subreddit and I haven’t found someone in a similar situation. I will take anybody’s ideas or opinions. My best friend’s father is Jewish and my best friend growing up’s entire family is Jewish so I’ll be reaching out to them as well. I’m just scared and relieved all at the same time.

Sorry for formatting, clarity, and whatever else is wrong with this post.

Edit: I want to note that this community (probably due to the mods) has been so helpful and caring! I really appreciate all the information and comments you have given me.

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