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I watched Unorthodox and have some questions, if you have time to answer.

I watched it in one sitting and I loved seeing into that world. I know I could google these questions, but I’d prefer to hear from real people. I will offend, I’m sure, but please know that it is from ignorance and not intolerance. I will not be naming things like places, prayers, ceremonies as I do not know them and don’t want to offend. My apologies in advance. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family in a Roman Catholic neighbourhood, went to Roman Catholic school and had Roman Catholic friends only until my teenage years. So although I wasn’t raised an Orthodox Jew, I do understand the feelings of community and expectations. So here goes….

Why do the men rock or sway when praying? I noticed Moishe in particular would start swaying while reaching for his prayer book.

Why did Esty have to shave her head after marriage? If it is a cleanliness thing, why not shave the head before the marriage ceremony.

There was a lady who would speak with Esty about the bedroom issues. I’m assuming this lady would know that brides would not know the way sex works, so why did it take her so long to bring out the stuffed genitals? What would give this lady the knowledge of what is wrong in these situations? Would she have medical training or would that knowledge be passed from healer to healer?

Finally, this is where I want to beg your forgiveness the most for anything I write that offends. During the show there was mention that babies are sacred for the reason that they need to replace the 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust. Does this stand for all People in the Jewish faith because I had never heard of it before.

Thank you.

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