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I was told by a contest host that Hebrew names were ‘too political’

I’m an amateur comic artist working on some personal projects, and I was submitting a 10-page comic to a contest with a small monetary reward. The contest allows you to do a preliminary submission, where an editor from their board reviews your comic and gives feedback before the final submission deadline – this service is only allowed once, and isn’t required.

Initially, I had given my characters Hebrew names. The setting and genre was near-future science fiction, so the names were related to planets and astronomical stuff, like Noga, Shamash, etc. The editor who I got in contact with thought everything was good, but wondered where the names came from.

I told him that they were Hebrew. He replied and said, “You might want to change the language, Hebrew is too political and could hurt your chances [of winning]”.

On what planet is that acceptable? Would that fly if I had chosen Arabic, Russian, Persian, or Chinese names? I doubt it. I didn’t change the names, and submitted anyway. Contest results are set to come out by the end of 2021. We’ll see what happens.

I’m just disappointed. I doubt anyone would even know that those names are specifically Hebrew, had I not said anything. Part of me feels like I should have lied and said they were made up, but that’s also disingenuous. This is kind of a warning, but mostly a vent. Thanks for reading.

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