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I was at the church lady dinner when I noticed it for the first time…

My daughter and grandkids converted in May. We were happy for my daughter and try to be supportive and inquisitive. They receive no other support. Their congregation is 100 miles away. This year we will light the menorah with them and have one in our home.

I took a break from my southern Baptist church over the summer for health reasons. When I started going I noticed some people were no longer coming up to greet me. At the church dinner Sunday I mentioned supporting the kids and their holidays. It was chirp of crickets. No interest. I’ve known some of these women for 8 years and now I get polite indifference or outright ignored.

Side note. My ex’s mom told our mutual grandkid she was going to hell. I texted her and chewed her ass out. She later apologized.

My current spouse said the dinner I attended was a room full of such grandma’s. I think he’s right.

So now we’re considering Jewish 101 classes. Thanks for letting me share.

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