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I wanted to ask some questions about my cat Whiley who passed recently

Hello, my name is Brandon I am Jewish also and this is my first post in this subreddit. I was hoping to see some guidance or help from others in Jewish community regarding the passing of my cat Whiley recently. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and passed away recently due to the symptoms and complications. I wanted to ask some questions about after just to maybe get some more insights

  1. Does Judaism or the Torah or general people have any thoughts about when an animal or pet passes, could creamation or burial be the appropriate option. Also if anyone in a general sense has any thoughts or opinions on the matter maybe let me know too, thank you

  2. Are there any types of prayers or blessings or thoughts I could be having shortly after passing or?

If anyone has information about these things, maybe let me know, thank you, happy Passover and blessings to all. 💙

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