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I want to support the Jewish Community

I’m not Jewish. I have no friends, Jewish or otherwise, so I don’t have any specific person to reach out to and support. I don’t have money. I only have myself and my compassion for those affected by the rising anti-semitism problem.

I apologize if I use any wrong terms, I really don’t know much but I’ve been trying to learn.

I read a suggestion online that non-Jewish people can contact a Synagogue and offer to walk with people to their services to help deter harassment. Since I wouldn’t be observing Shabbat, I would also be free to call the police if there was trouble.

Otherwise, I thought I could make something? I don’t have much, but I can make art. It’s probably a silly idea? And I’m not sure if non-Jewish individuals are allowed to make art with Jewish iconography or text? (like Lions, or “Am Yisrael Chai”)

I see a lot of Jewish people posting about feeling alone and abandoned by non-Jewish people. If all I can do is make someone feel less alone, then that would be worth it. Please let me know if there is any way I can help, and I apologize if it isn’t appropriate to post this here.

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