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I want to learn more about my culture (but don’t know where to start)

What it says on the tin, here’s some elaboration:

So, long story short, I’m adopted. My (Christian) parents who adopted me are extremely supportive, I love them profoundly and I consider them my true family.

Because my parents were never dishonest about where I came from, I learned from a young age who my biological family ( my biological father specifically) ispredominantly Jewish Germans that immigrated a few generations ago. I was told this especially since my mother saw that I was drawn to Hebrew and bits and pieces of Jewish culture before I even knew about being adopted or the culture of my biological family.

My biological family was not kind, I can’t ask them questions and frankly I don’t want to interact with them. To be honest, I don’t even want to have any similarities to them. And while my adopted parents would do everything in their power to have me meet them if asked, I can tell that it would hurt them to do so.

Im not pious, and suspect that I’ll never be, especially because I’m queer. Yet the more I learn about Judaism the more beautiful I find it and the more I long to understand it.

I don’t know anything about Judaism. I’ve never been to a Synagogue or Temple, never met a Rabbi, and have never read nor spoken Hebrew or Yiddish. I’ve never been to any Jewish celebrations aside from a single hanukkah, I’ve read some books on Yiddish culture and on Jewish folklore, but I don’t really know anything other than the bare basics.

Im thinking about speaking to a rabbi, but I don’t know when would be appropriate or how to even simply my complex history and feelings about the subject, or if that would be even the best way to start.

So please lend your suggestions on the most respectful way on who to ask, what to read, and how/where I can go to ask.

If you read all the way through, thank you for your time and any suggestions would be helpful.

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