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I want to learn Ashkenazi Hebrew

At my synagogue, most of the congregants are older, and daven with an Ashkenazi pronunciation, rather than a Sephardic/Modern Hebrew pronunciation. I took a few Hebrew lessons a decade ago, and was taught to speak by a teacher who wanted me to have an Israeli accent when I spoke Hebrew. But in this community, I stick out and I want to sound like the other members of the community.

I want to start learning Hebrew again, but I don’t want to learn an accent that is divergent from the rest of my community. I’ve noticed that most books, websites, and videos teach the Sephardic pronunciation.

Are there any recommendations for learning Siddur Hebrew with an Ashkenazi accent? My people are Galitzianers, so I’d rather have a choilem say oi than have a cholam say o.

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