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I want to hire a sensitivity reader.

Good afternoon from Tasmania, Australia! I am a 23 year old student and aspiring documentarian who has spent the past year and a half researching the history of antisemitism. I am not Jewish and I started this work as an enquiry into the semiotics of conspiracy theories.

I am now working on a two part series of video essays for YouTube. In which I discuss and analyse the history of Anti-Judaism (religious persecution) and antisemitism respectively. I want these videos to be educational, informative, and sensitive. Thus, I am interested in hiring a sensitivity reader. I have made contact with Tasmania’s synagogue (one of the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere) and I was unable to get someone local to read my work (Tasmania has a very small congregation and they’re all busy.) There is no Jewish clubs or societies at my University either. As this has been an informative and enlightening space to learn about Jews and Judaism. I thought I would post this here.

The first of two scripts is about 12k words to read. The second part is still being written but will be around 20k words. This will be paid work, and if anyone is interested, leave a comment below or DM me. Thank you, Angus.

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