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I want to convert Conservative/Masorti but this is not an option in my country.

I will try to keep this brief. I am seriously considering conversion, and I live in Scotland. I am far from affluent enough to travel out-of-country for Synagogue, which means my options for denominations are either Reform or Orthodox, as these are the only ones in Scotland. Personally, the Conservative beliefs and practices align closest to my beliefs, but if the choice is between Reform and Orthodox, I’m more close to the former.

I’m from a very small area with no Jewish community. I NEED to speak to someone knowledgeable about all this as coping with it alone is starting to weigh on me. Which is why I’m looking to contact a Rabbi. Given the circumstances, I think I have two options;

  1. Email a Masorti Rabbi in England. Pro – this is the denomination I most closely identify with. Con – given that in all likelihood I will not be able to attend a service/be apart of the local community, I’m not sure if conversion with an English Rabbi is even possible, and even thinking about how complicated it would be is making my head spin.

  2. Email a Reform Rabbi from my own country. Pro – the potential to actually build relationships in-person & should I convert, be apart of said community. Con – If I could convert with a Reform Synagogue, but take all the steps required to be accepted by (most) Conservatives, that would be ideal. However, I’m terrified that voicing this to a Reform Rabbi will offend or upset them. But I would also have to be upfront and truthful if I am to contact them.

First and foremost, I’m just so eager to get the ball rolling on this. Primarily, step one is learning. I’m 85% sure this is what I want, but of course I’m going to be 100% before I decide on anything permanent. I just want to make good first impressions, and would hate to upset anyone.

I apologise if I could’ve worded any of this better. I come only from a place of love and curiosity, and any help or guidance anyone can offer me would be so greatly appreciated, thank you <3

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