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I want to become religious again

Growing up we didn’t fully keep shabbos, (phones, etc were used) we never drove on shabbos, we ate fully kosher (outside of the house we’d eat dairy and fish at unkosher restaurants, but no unallowed foods.)

The last few years I’ve been at a more pluralistic high school and have eaten non kosher and been more inclined to drive to my friends houses on shabbat since they all leave closer to eachother than I do and I can’t walk. But I want to become religious, for girls that only want a religious man, because I believe following the torah is important, because it’s good discipline to have, but I just have not been following the laws. I don’t mean frum, but I want to just ease my way back into being religious. How do I do this?

EDIT: Just to clarify I don’t drive on shabbat. I just haven’t been as close with my kosher stuff, partially because of some allergies and I was away out of country last summer and it became hard to eat. I still use my phone on shabbat. At home I still fully eat kosher in the house and for the most part after that trip near the house I have eaten kosher.

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