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I want ressources to learn more about Judaism.

Hi guys, basically the title.

Since I’ve started working, life made that I always worked, and as a consequence, hung out with jewish guys most of the time. I’m not jewish myself but over the years I’ve learned to absolutely love Jewish culture and everything around. I went to Israel two times with some clients that invited me there, and as time goes and we get to be defined by people with who we get along, well, the sentence might be weird but it’s truly a part of my life now.

I would like to get deeper knowledge about Judaism. Anything, really, from historic ressources to websites about the Torah, or anything that comes to your mind.

Do you have anything to suggest ? Thanking you by advance and wishing you a nice evening!

PS : If some sentences feel clumsy, that’s because I’m French and English is not my native language


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