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I told ChatGpt to write me a rap song about Judaism. This is what I got.

Let me tell you ’bout a faith that’s strong, It’s been around for centuries, never gone wrong, Judaism’s the name, and it’s here to stay, A way of life that inspires us every day.

From Abraham to Moses, the stories are real, Teachings passed down, that we still feel, The Torah’s the guide, and it’s filled with light, Gives us strength to keep going, through day and night.

From Shabbat to Passover, the holidays unite, Brings families together, such a beautiful sight, The food, the music, and the prayers we say, It all adds up to a meaningful day.

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, A value we hold dear, forever unfurled, We help those in need, and give back to our communities, A way to show our love and our unity.

Judaism’s a way of life, that’s true, A rich and beautiful tradition, that we hold onto, From generation to generation, we pass it down, Our faith and our love forever unbound

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