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I thought I was an orthodox Jew, now I need a giyur lechumra

My grandmother converted and was never shomer Shabbat or shomer kashrut. It has come to light I need to convert to be halachically jewish. I didn’t realize the feelings this would evoke. I believe Torah is true and therefore became Baalas teshuva. Many sacrifices have been made to live the observant life. Im told I have this lineage issue, that it matters for marriage (I’m unmarried). Im here asking myself, will I really be considered second tier? I’ve been shomer Shabbat, kashrut, daven, learn, and live in a very religious neighborhood. I was raised Jewish. The yeshivish rabbi I spoke with said it could take 6 months to 2 years. I dont enjoy shul, I prefer Shabbat from my home. Do I need to affiliate and show face? I dont want to. I love Torah and much of Halacha but the requirement for a giyur lechumra appears man mande to me. I’ll do it for my children but am completely questioning my position in the community. The thought of a 2 year process is horrifying to me.

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