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I think my sociopathic ex-landlord pretended to be frum for the past year and a half

I am so lucky to be out. It is raining mold from the ceiling. And I lost like.. everything including my hair. I will probably get a lawyer. But I just wanted to share how absolutely crazy it is that I think someone just pretended to be frum for the past year and a half just to con me into … I don’t even know. Just to con me?

To be clear I’m not saying someone was pretending to be shomer shabbos and they weren’t. I’m saying the guy is totally not at all religious and spent all this time hanging out with me using all the right words to make a bond. But totally all of it was fake

I want to say Hashem makes the weirdest creatures but in this case I think it is more like, humans can really shape each other in some really horrible ways. I felt hurt and betrayed for awhile. But now it’s just.. weird. Like I interacted with a non-entity?

Not even a point to this post. Just something I have no idea how to wrap my head around yet

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