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i think my boyfriend’s religious family doesn’t like me

Hi everyone! I am a non-jew atheist and my boyfriend is jewish (not sure if he is an orthodox but tells me he’s not) We started dating 3 months ago and our relationship is going good. He almost does everything and I thought he was an orthodox at first. I respect his practice but i have made it clear that I am a non believer and I don’t think of converting. He have met my family and they are close, my family loves him. The problem is I have met with his mother, and I can tell that she didn’t like me that much being around her son. I still haven’t met with his father, he also avoided seeing his family when I was with him at first. His friends told me that his family was strictly religious and even disliked his ex girlfriend of 3 years (she was jewish) because she didn’t practiced like them, ex: she ate non-kosher meat. When I tried to talk with him about this he just said: “oh don’t worry my family is non-orthodox and they have no problems with you” I was very disturbed when one of our friends said: “when I was with him and his father, his father talked non-stop about how their people are a minority and jews should only marry with jews.” I asked him again about this but he just told me that his father was stating a fact and it wasn’t about me. I really like him but I don’t know what to do.

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