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I think my 7th grade substitute teacher was a Nazi-Apologist.

Some context, I’m an Irish Jew with Polish parents. Ireland is known for having around 2600 Jews in the entire island (North Included) and the majority of its population is Catholic, I went to a Catholic Primary School and was unsurprisingly the only Jewish child there. Anti-Semitic jokes were somewhat common but really boiled down to a few of the less bright kids doing Nazi Salutes.

We had a substitute teacher one day that had a father in law who was in the Waffen SS, a group notorious for its crimes against humanity. He talked to him in around the 2000’s, and apparently he said that he never killed anybody. My substitute proceeded to tell us this and his tale of being a POW with the British and how he worked on a farm before moving to Wales, His daughter then moved to Ireland and met my substitute. This teacher said he was into WW2, and its recently dawned on me that for a man of adult age and into WW2 never decided to question these obviously false statements even though the man was long dead and he was talking to an impressionable 7th grade class. I might be over-reacting but I tend not to have patience for people like this. I’m quite disturbed because of this and I don’t know what to make of it, I don’t have much access to a Rabbi considering the nearest Synagogue is very far from me (Roscommon). P.S, The Nazis name was Oskar something and was taken prisoner by the British, he worked on a farm and than moved to Wales from what I recall.

Edit: After some conversation with friends who were there, I was reminded that my teacher also said that Oskar said he had no idea about the holocaust, which is very obviously wrong, as 1: Oskar is German, so it’s not as if this is restricted information based on racial grounds. 2: The Waffen SS actively assisted the SS in the holocaust by participating in mass shootings, Anti-Partisan warfare and supplying guards.

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