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I research antisemitism for a living. I’m tired.

I work at a university where I research antisemitism on social media, meaning I essentially look at antisemitic things people do and say all day. My team and I have done some important work and have been published multiple times and even had our data brought before congress. I’ve done this for about a year. Most of the time, I’m jaded to the things I see. But other times, it’s incredibly painful. Going about my daily life if I bring up what I do the next question is either “Oh did you hear about (insert antisemitic thing some celebrity did)” which is yes, of course, it’s my job to know. But more commonly I get “Antisemitism? I don’t really know what that is.” Antisemitism is on the rise both in person and on social media. All data points to this. But it feels like no one knows, no one cares, no one’s listening. I’m so tired. I would never dream of quitting, because this job means what I do matters. But I guess it’s just taking a toll, and I needed to vent to other Jews about it.

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