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I really need thoughts on my specific circumstance.

For context, my father is a Secular Jew. He is my only biological parent as I was conceived via anonymous egg donor and a separate womb donor in which either could be Jewish and I would never know.

My father is a Jew via his maternal grandmother, a Croatian Jew and native Yiddish speaker, whom immigrated to the US and had my grandma. My grandmother got to hold me once after I was born, but died shortly after due to old age.

I never got to meet her or learn anything from her which has left me kind of empty in regards to my identity. To make things more conflicting for me, my dad looks very ethnically Jewish, with curly dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin, in which he inherited from his mother. And I also received a good amount of those Jewish genes.

I identify strongly with my Jewish heritage as it’s the only thing I really have. I don’t identify with my other half genetically because it’s simply not mine to identify with. But then there’s the issue of it being my father whose Jewish. Even though I don’t have a mother figure in my life and there’s no way of me knowing if my egg donor or womb donor was Jewish, but it would be funny if they were.

I want to learn more about Judaism and be proud and outward about my heritage. I don’t want to let my families history end with me. But would I be in the wrong to?

I’ll elaborate on things as requested. My situation is unique and I appreciate all of your responses, thank you!

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