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I never felt welcomed anywhere

So for clarification I am a mixed person, but I was raised a Christian, but always felt a connection to Judaism. I found out in recent years that not only do I have Jewish ancestry, my last name a has Sephardic roots.

The thing is though, every time I try to talk with or get more knowledgeable about my Jewish culture, I get told I’m not Jewish enough and told to basically fuck off. This saddens my heart.

I love Jewish culture, Jewish people, Jewish identity, and I see myself as Jewish just as much as any other ethnic identity I am mixed with. I am not religious in fact, I identify as an Agnostic Atheist, in that intellectually I am agnostic and yet I live life as an Atheist, however I still love Judaism, and want to connect more.

This is just me getting something off my chest. I love you all.

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