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I need to reconnect with Judaism

Ever since my mother passed away, I have kinda lost my connection to Judaism. It got even worse when both my maternal grandparents passed away. They were really the spiritual core of our family. Growing up, I was raised in Reform Judaism so I’ve always been open to more secular ideas. But even so, I’ve fallen into the trap of not being very religious anymore as I got older. I’d call myself agnostic. I’ve lost a lot of my connections to Judaism (my mom, my grandparents, my dad converted back to Christianity, my wife is Christian (I love her to death regardless and she is very supportive of my own beliefs as I am of her’s)). But recently, I have been depressed, my mental health has been shit (work problems), and it’s almost as if part of the solution would be to reconnect with my lost connection to G-d and the Jewish community. Anyone else experience something similar in this stage in their life (late 20s)?

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