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I need Sukkot Traditions (and other Yom Tov traditions)

I was raised secular and my husband was from Russia. We are now both are observant (kosher, walking to services, observe shabbos, etc), but our families are not. Between the two of us, for every Jewish holiday, we have no traditions.

This year, we built our own Sukkah and we’re super proud.

We have a toddler and a newborn. Any traditions that you do with your family on Sukkot that would be awesome for our family? With that, any other traditions for other holidays that we can consider? Ex: Aside from the religious portion, we honestly don’t know what to do. Our families do not want to participate. Someone told me that people typically sing fun songs on Pesach or for fun, they have an apple cake/pie contest on RH.

Any ideas are very welcome. Thank you.

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