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I need some good apologetics for Abrahamic religions.

[burner account as I forgot my password to the proper one]

I am trying to discern between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and I feel absolutely TORTURED by the level of the debate out there. It is virtually impossible to find any critical sources that would approach the topic calmly and objectively. Please do not recommend David Wood or videos like “X ends Y’s career in 3 minutes!”.

I’ve also been looking into the scientific miracles of the Quran. The number of Muslim sources on this is overwhelming and I feel like there is no response from the scientific community, just theists picking on translations… it’s a torture to discern this.

On a spiritual level, I feel tormented. This “not sure if I believe in the right thing” is making me suicidal (I am getting a therapist).

I don’t feel convinced either way – I feel like an equal leap of faith is required for all religions, which makes me think about the nature of religion altogether.

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