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I need some advice.

Hello, I am 15F and I was raised as a Messianic “Jew.”

My parents were raised in synagogue, as orthodox Jew and Catholic. When they met, they said they “searched deeply” and came upon the conclusion that Jesus was the messiah. They then proceeded to raise my two brothers and I as Messianic Jews. I never questioned this growing up, as I thought we were truly Jews. Heck, we just finished our Seder a few hours ago. But as of the last few years, I researched and truly looked into this, and realized that we are essentially glorified Christians. I grew up Jewish. When someone asked what religion I was, I said Jewish, etc. My world is falling apart. When my dad goes on rants about Christianity, I can barely keep my mouth shut! On top of this, I’m not even sure I believe in anything anymore. How should I tackle this? What should I do? Please help me out, fine folks of r/Judaism.

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