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I need help with my anger

Growing up I had a lot of anger, but later in highschool I became relatively good at controlling it. I’m 24 now. Last year, I was involved (it was out of my control) with a group of people, and one of them frequently talked about conspiracy theories involving Jews. Before he found out I was Jewish I had never heard him mention anything. One day I snapped and I ended up going to jail for the first time in my life. Fast forward to now. My blood is boiling with all this tension going on. Part of me wants to snap once again on whomever talks bad about Jews. I know it won’t solve anything in the long run, but I find myself in a delusion that it’ll make me feel better. I’m asking y’all for guidance here, anything besides telling me to go see a therapist (i already am). I’m not even religiously Jewish. I’m just ethnically half Jewish through my dad. Would seeing a Rabbi or going to a temple even be an answer to help me? I’m a nihilist in the sense that I prefer my own morality over a system that’s made by a group of people, however, i do appreciate Jewish culture and customs more than i can put to words since it is my bloodline.

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