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I need help, I think my father may be getting scammed by a Jewish charity and I’m not sure if it’s real or not

My father has claimed he’s been selected to a win a $1,000,000 condo in Israel, and it’s been linked back to the “Dream Raffle” by the American-based Am Yisrael Chai Fund. It’s founded by a guy named Shmuel Sackett.

This raffle doesn’t come up on any major news sites. On the first page of Google, I got a blood donation website, a small news page out of Palm Springs (CA), and an Orthodox Jewish community in New Jersey.
The charity is not registered in New York State (Am Yisrael).
Despite Mr. Sackett having an e-mail address through the domain of the charity’s website, my father is being contacted with a gmail address. I have found some articles on Jewish website where his name is associated with this gmail address, though.

Has anyone heard of this charity, this raffle, or Mr. Sackett? Thank you.

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